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Wisconsin Cruise is an interactive trip that puts you in the driver's seat. Start your journey wherever you please. At each interchange, you'll be presented with the major signs located at that interchange. When you click on a sign, you'll be taken to the next interchange on the route you've chosen to follow. Along the way, you'll get to see signs as they are, as they could be, and even get a glimpse at interchanges from the air! A healthy dose of common-sense commentary is always available about the good and the bad of the freeway system in the Badger State.

Wisconsin Cruise has been set up to be easy to navigate. To that end, pop-up help pages are always available. Read about the different graphics used on the pages and the rating system we use for cataloging sign accuracy.

  • Wisconsin Cruise Help

    Wisconsin Cruise is under constant construction, just like a lot of the new freeways in this state should be (and some are!). All the signs are up, but they are being continually updated for accuracy. Please be patient - it takes time to travel around for real and catalog all of the cool signs. Look for future improvements such as maps which display location, and graphics that will include everything from roadways and medians to skylines in an effort to improve the already realistic feel.

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